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What charities do you support?

Sometimes we are asked what we do with the money we collect. Contrary to what is occasionally said, we do not drink it! Over the years DDMM have made donations to a number of different charities, normally local ones. These have included the Woodland Trusts, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Macmillan Nurses, the Wishbone Trust, Emmaus, Cambridge Dial-a-Ride, Headway Cambridgeshire, Jimmy's Cambridge, and most recently the The Prospects Trust.

From 2020 we are going to be supporting the Royal Papworth Charity.


The Royal Papworth Hospital Charity exists to support the ground-breaking work of the Royal Papworth Hospital.

By raising new money and management of existing funds, the Royal Papworth Hospital Charity is able to make grants to the Royal Papworth Hospital to benefit patients and staff so as to improve the Hospital environment, provide both state-of-the art and additional equipment, and support and develop hospital staff..


The photo below shows DDMM presenting a cheque to Cambridgeshire Headway in 2015.

Headway pres

Thus the more you give, the more we can give them!