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The Weobley dances DDMM do

  • Stick Dance

Last updated 16 10 19

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General stuff about Weobley dances

This is a dance we do only with audience participation, simple and lots of fun. Relies on someone who knows what he is doing (and who has a loud voice) to lead the dance and the pre-dance instructions. Not in the Black Book as such, but see p228 which describes the Leominster Stick Dance
Stepping sequence:. Single step (skipping) all the way, stick held butt in left hand, tip in right
Common figures (cf): Cast and Rounds.

  • Cast (C) Top couple turn out, down the outside of the set, others follow. Continue back up the set until back to where you were. Music will continue as much as possible to enable all to get back!
  • Rounds (R) All turn to face clockwise (odds side turn up, evens side turn down), then rounds cw, until music changes, turn to rounds ccw until back in place.

About how DDMM do specific Weobley dances

Stick Dance

Pattern: Df, df, C, df, df, R, df df. Df is 'sticking' and 'face to face'. Sticking is (tips, tips, tips, tips, tips: first two strikes half speed of final three) repeated 4X. Face to face: (Cross in front of and facing partner on 4 single steps, then 4 single steps to return to place behind partner, your back to his back.)X2. End of dance, instead of face to face, another lot of sticking, as fast as you can.