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The Sherborne dances DDMM do

  • Orange in Bloom*

* But done mainly at Ales rather than danced out
Not done nowadays: Constant Billy, Cuckoo's Nest, Go and Enlist (jig), Monk’s march.
Last updated 21 10 19

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General stuff about Sherborne dances

Sherborne is a majestic Cotswold tradition, physically quite demanding, and, with its 'one hop 2, 3' stepping, a tradition which needs practice and a well-engaged brain. At one time DDMM had 7/8 Sherborne dances in its repertoire - all the common ones and several  others. We revived several five years ago, but the tradition has since slipped out of the dance lists.

At that time we prepared a detailed summary Sherborne dances: covering stepping, common and distinctive figures and summarising  number of dances. Rather than re-assort that information here, looking at this .pdf Sherborne summary will give a better overview.
The summary gives the pattern and distinctive figures of the main dances, including Orange in Bloom.