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The Longborough dances DDMM do

  • Loveless*

* Actually, we don't do this any more, but it's a lovely dance from Westminster Morris Men, and we put together detailed notes about it, included below

Not done nowadays: Princess Royal set jig.
Last updated 16 10 19

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General stuff about Longborough dances

Longborough is an athletic and challenging tradition to perform. No details except those in 'Loveless' below, though of course the Black Book has lots on the various dances, and there are quite a few videos of the dances online - quality varies from excellent (often Westminster Morris) to grim. Even Westminster could be accused of not doing the dance as energetically as it should be danced.

About how DDMM did specific Longborough dances


Best described through the .pdf of notes we made at the time, and via the video below showing Westminster doing the dance very neatly: