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The Eynsham dances DDMM do

  • Brighton Camp

Last updated 20 10 19

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General stuff about Eynsham dances

We only do one Eynsham dance (though there are a number of dances in the tradition, only a few of which are described in the Black Book), but most importantly, the version we do is ‘made up’. The way we do it does not conform to the ‘proper’ Eynsham figures (particularly the ‘Cross-apart-caper’ (XAC)) as set out in the Black Book or as danced by the modern Eynsham side. It is a very vigorous tradition!
Usual stepping sequence:. 6 bars DS followed by XAC.
Usual common figures:
Other general info:
DS = sidestep right (ssr),  sidestep left (ssl), ssr, ssl, ssr, ssl. Body turns through 45° towards left, then use hop of DS to turn 45° towards right etc. Hands on ssr come in from the sides to cross in front of body, at about thigh height, ending up at opposite side of body (try not to stoop as you do this). On ssr bring hands down, to side of body again, then raise them smartly in front of you, along your midline, to end up head height. Need to be able to do this on the spot, or moving forwards or moving backwards.
XAC: A three part move. Done on the spot, may be used to turn as well

  • X = bring right leg across left as you do small hop on left foot, while crossing hands over your body at shoulder height.
  • A = hop on left foot again as you uncross, and right goes out about 40 cm to the side (it touches down there, but no weight on it). Hands go right out to the side of body, almost horizontal, shoulder height.
  • C = the way we do this is not really a caper, but it’s called that in the Black Book. DDMM way is in two parts. First part, hop on left again, bring right foot round, behind you, so it touches down 30cm or so behind. Bring hands inwards together, to belly button level. Second part. Hop left, and kick your right foot forward in front of you, high (as age etc permits). Hands go straight up high.

FU: DS (6 bars) up. Then XAC, turning to face out of the set, ready to turn down as you start FD (or to face across if FU follows FD)
FD: DS (6 bars) up. Then XAC, turning to face across the set, (or to face up if FU follows FD).
Corners: Each in turn. 6 bars of DS to come towards your diagonal partner, round the back of him, then backwards returning to your place. There’s time to weave towards the right on the 1st bar, then left on the 2nd bar, before you go behind partner on 2 bars, then back on 2 bars (awkward  to go backwards ). Then XAC, facing across the diagonal (then face across the set). 2nd, 3rd corners come in with XAC while earlier couple do theirs. At end of 3rd corner all do XAC.
Spots: DS (6 bars) XAC. 1st two bars DS on spot, then 2nd two bars to rush towards partner with a shout, final 2 bars DS return to place and on the spot. Then XAC.
Back to back (BB): DS (6 bars) XAC. 2 bars to go across set past partner, round the back and into line along set midline (may not get into line properly until into the 3rd bar, but try to do it on 2nd), Then 2 bars on the spot on the centre line, then 2 bars backing out to place.
Walk Round (WR): Form a wide circle, walk cw (or rather swagger) round proudly for 12 bars (ie 12 big strides), then XAC to face out of the circle, then swagger back, ccw on 12 bars back to place in set, then XAC. Some men make the 12th stride a little leap to land ready for the XAC. Hands move as per walking, but with extra emphasis
Ring and in (RaI): final figure, 4 bars DS as a set, then 2 bars DS to form a ring, still facing in (ie middles back outwards), The use XAC to move radially into the middle with a shout.

About how DDMM do specific Eynsham dances

Brighton Camp

OY, FU, FD, Corners, Spots, BB, WR, FD, FU, Corners, Spots, BB, WR, RaI
Ian Trouse 2010 video of Brighton Camp danced at Thriplow