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The Brackley dances DDMM do

  • Haste to the Wedding
  • Jockey to the Fair

Not done nowadays: Captain, Bean Setting.
Last updated 19 10 19

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General stuff about Brackley dances

A tradition we don’t dance out much these days, though both dances are popular ones with other sides and often feature in Ales
Usual stepping sequence:. Single step, springy, with handkerchiefs hands do low wide twists. Handkerchiefs are held by opposite corners. Stick dances usually involve fast twirling, so shorter ‘rustic’ hazel sticks used. Most figures have a ‘short rear up’ (sru) half way and a ‘long rear-up’ (lru) at the end.
Usual common figures (cf):  OY, Foot up (FU), Foot down (FD), Set straight (SSt), Face to face (FtF), some dances include a Hey (H)
Other general info: to follow

About how DDMM do specific Brackley dances

Haste to the Wedding

Pretty much as Jockey, but 4 steps out and back in FtF. df  as in Jockey but  1 big caper in middle instead of 4
Blurry video from 2009 Ale

Jockey to the Fair

OY (sru), FU, turn out on sru to D, df ( = corners. Start on sru, 4 side-steps across and out of set, leading hand does head-height waves. Return to middle on normal single steps to face your corner partner, 4 capers, dance back out to place, lru.), SSt (facing #1’s way 1st half, #2’s way 2nd half), df, FtF (quick, only 2 side steps out, 2 back, ‘out’ left hand leads, twirling, and continues to do so on the way back to place), df, FD, FU, df, form a ring and all in (called as middles caper in previous df. Then all dance together as 3rd corners back out, form ring, and then in with a shout).
Blurry video from 2009 Ale. As you will see, the df gives men scope for messing around a bit